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Eyebrow Restoration

By Dr Raghu Reddy

Eyebrow restoration is a unique specialty in itself and requires a lot of expertise. For starters, it is important to establish the causes of loss of eyebrows and ways of restoring eyebrows under different scenarios.

Causes of loss of eyebrows:

Some of the common causes of loss of eyebrows include:

  1. Over plucking
  2. Trauma following injuries or burns
  3. Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis
  4. Medical conditions including under or overactive thyroid, anaemia or other hormonal conditions
  5. Post chemotherapy

Treatment options

There are two popular treatment options available for thinning eyebrows:

1) Medical Tattoo:

This has remained a very popular option for clients with thinning eyebrows.


  1. Procedure can be performed in one sitting.
  2. Nearly all clients will be suitable for this procedure.


  1. It can be an uncomfortable experience.
  2. The colour can fade over time.
  3. If done by an inexperienced person, it can look extremely unnatural.

2) Surgical Restoration:

This is becoming an increasingly popular option as the outcomes are getting significantly better.

There are two options available similar to a hair restoration surgery. The grafts needed to restore the eyebrows can be extracted using FUE or FUT (Strip) technique.

I personally prefer FUE as I can pick finer hair follicles from the back of the ears or the nape of the neck. Besides, I believe FUE is a lot less painful and the outcomes are much more predictable than in a strip surgery.


  1. Aesthetically a lot better than a tattoo, as it looks very natural.
  2. As the client's own hair follicles are transferred, the client can treat and manage the eyebrows as they would have done their own.


  1. It takes a lot of expertise to perform this surgery, hence the client has to exercise a lot of caution in choosing the surgeon.
  2. It involves a local anaesthetic and hence the client encounters a bit of discomfort during the process of the anaesthetic being administered.
  3. The transplanted follicles have a tendency to grow like the donor hair and hence the client needs to find, trim and style the eyebrows at regular intervals.
  4. Though the outcomes with experienced surgeons has improved significantly, I counsel my clients that they might need a small touch up to achieve exceptional density.


Most of the protocols applicable for hair restoration surgery apply to eyebrow restoration.

I prefer to extract the grafts from the back of the ears or the nape of the neck. This would yield grafts with finer hair to mimic those of the eyebrows. I prefer to use a 0.9 mm titanium tipped punch.

Once the grafts are extracted, local anaesthetic is administered to the eyebrows. The next step, incision making, is possibly the most important step and requires utmost attention to dictate the angles.

Once the incisions are made, I use a 0.8 mm choi implanter to replace the grafts.

The client is advised to spray the grafts with saline spray for 72 hours and once the 72 hours have passed, the client can treat their eyebrows like the rest of their hair.

The eyebrows go through phases of shedding and growth for around 6-9 months and by the end of 9 months, most clients notice 70-80 % of the transplanted hair grow through.

Before Surgery:
After Surgery:

What our customers say

"Thank you Doctor Reddy and your fantastic team for restoring both my hairline and in-turn my self confidence. I am over the moon with the natural looking result and am so pleased that I had the procedure carried out by you. I considered beforehand, am I being shallow having a hair transplant at my age but seeing the result now, I am so pleased that I stuck to my guns and went through with it. I could have spent savings upgrading my car but would not have gained the same satisfaction as having a full head of hair once again. You`re are a cool guy Doctor Reddy, professional to the end yet easy to talk to, I can`t thank you enough."

Mark in UK

"I hope you are keeping well. I remain over the moon with the results of the FUE procedure which has made such a difference to both my appearance and self-confidence. It has thickened up further since we last met and continues to look full and natural. I am so pleased to have put my trust in you and thank you once again for your expertise, supported by your great team."

Mark in UK
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