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Training and Licensing

We are proud to offer a comprehensive training package for aspiring hair restoration surgeons at Restore Hair Clinics. It has been a long journey from the days FUE was considered obselete and an irrelevant form of surgery to it becoming mainstream in hair restoration surgery.

We believe we have the know-how and protocols in place to offer aspiring hair restoration surgeons first hand experience at a very rewarding skill.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has come a long way since the initial concept was devised by Dr Rassman , Dr Bernstein and Dr Woods. The technique has undergone a natural evolution overtime and it has taken almost ten years since its initial inception for the medical community to convince clients that FUE is a viable option for someone considering hair restoration surgery.

Dr Reddy has spent years perfecting his technique and also gaining a wealth of knowledge liaising with colleagues and the thousands of patients he has worked on.

Dr Reddy’s unique method combines artistry, science and an obsessive attention to detail in the evolution of the Third Generation FUE (3G FUE) which, we truly believe will become the benchmark in follicular unit restoration surgery.

We have put together a training programme, which we believe will offer any aspiring hair restoration surgeons or physicians a lot of options in pursuing a career in hair restoration surgery, either with Dr Reddy or setting up an independent practice.

Training to become a hair restoration surgeon can be a bit of a daunting task as there are no formal training programmes unlike other surgical or medical specialities. The options available to aspiring surgeons are either to seek training through ISHRS, whereby they offer 2-3 day courses in different locations worldwide, or to get trained by a practicing surgeon by working as an apprentice.

We believe the timescales required to attain proficiency in hair restoration surgery differ with individual practitioners and from our experience in training doctors, the outcomes vary significantly.

We have devised a series of training programmes to suit different practitioner's life and work schedules and are happy to amend our training programmes as needed.

The three main programmes we offer are:

  1. Taster programme – During this programme we encourage the practitioner to spend a week at our practice and gain first hand knowledge as to the functioning of a busy practice. Dr Reddy will explain all the aspects involved with the process of hair restoration surgery and the trainees will be encouraged to attend consultations as well as observe surgical procedures.
  2. 2 Week course – During this programme , trainees will be encouraged to spend two weeks (10 days) at our practice , whereby they will be taken through all the aspects of FUE surgery and at the end of the course, the trainee will be encouraged to perform a mini-fue session (read below), under the supervision of Dr Reddy. We generally encourage trainees to bring along a client with them as this would offer the trainee to observe the outcomes more closely.
  3. 4 Week course – This course is a bit more comprehensive than the 2 week course, in that the trainee will be able to observe a lot of scenarios and will be encouraged to perfrom atleast 5 days of hands-on training under supervision. The trainee can choose to either operate on 5 different clients or work on fewer clients over longer periods to achieve better outcomes.



Mini FUE is the simplest and quickest hair transplant procedure available. Many patients are hesitant to embark on full hair transplantation for reasons such as:

  • Expense
  • Length of surgery
  • Change in appearance caused by shaving the entire head for a large scale hair tranplantation
  • Their uncertainty of the cosmetic results of hair restoration



  • Technology Innovations
  • Graft Care
  • Graft Insertion
  • Practical Training
  • Incision Making
  • Aesthetics: hair line design, temple angle, graft angle, and natural density workshops
  • Clinic Observation
  • Advanced FUE in action
  • Pre and post operation pharmaceutical treatment
  • Post operative care
  • Sterilization techniques

Whilst we aim to offer every trainee quality training and address all their needs, our primary concern is towards our clients and sometimes a few aspects of training can be overlooked in the process of running a very busy practice. Under these circusmstances, we encourage all trainees to address any individual training needs with Dr Reddy.

We believe hair restoration surgery can be a very rewarding career, but trainees need to understand that they have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to achieve great results, as the hours can be long and daunting. We also understand that hair restoration surgery is not for everyone and some practitioners might not choose to pursue a career following training. We actively encourage all trainess to carefully weigh up all options before taking on a financial commitment of training.

Finally as Dr Reddy quotes "I feel very privileged to be doing what I do for a living. I get the pleasure to meet phenomenally intelligent people. Also one can never put a price on the amount of joy we recieve when we see our clients come back for a follow up with a smile on their faces. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise them from before they underwent hair restoration surgery. I believe we make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. Having said that, it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get to where we are. I always believe on top of having a caring attitude and good hand eye co- ordination, a hair restoration surgeon needs to understand the implications of hair loss and be able to guide them though the uncertain journey of hair restoration surgery. I believe for our clients it can be a life-defining surgery. Whilst one cannot hide a bad hair transplant, a good outcome can make a significant difference to one’s outlook on life."

Please contact us for more information on training courses.

What our customers say

"Thank you Doctor Reddy and your fantastic team for restoring both my hairline and in-turn my self confidence. I am over the moon with the natural looking result and am so pleased that I had the procedure carried out by you. I considered beforehand, am I being shallow having a hair transplant at my age but seeing the result now, I am so pleased that I stuck to my guns and went through with it. I could have spent savings upgrading my car but would not have gained the same satisfaction as having a full head of hair once again. You`re are a cool guy Doctor Reddy, professional to the end yet easy to talk to, I can`t thank you enough."

Mark in UK

Just thought I would give a breif summary of my recent FUE with Dr Raghu Reddy and his excellent team at the Private Clinic, London. Over the course of two days I had ~2000 grafts implanted by Dr Reddy's 3G FUE technique. I chose Dr Reddy based on his comparative amazing yields and results with relatively few grafts compared to the commonly discussed other 'top FUE surgeons". First off his team are all pro's and have been working together for years to refine this minimally invasive FUE technique. They were personably, relaxed, funny, and above all caring, profession, and meticulous. I always read that people get experience pain, discomfort, and swelling during and post op. I have to say that with Dr Reddy's technique I have experienced zero pain or swelling both during and post op. The operation finished yesterday and I feel absolutely normal. Not a spot of swelling or even a head ache. It's obvious after doing research on the FUE procedures conducted by the regarded 'best FUE doctors', that Dr Reddy's 3G FUE stands out as being both innovative and geared towards optimal results. He uses specialized techniques to create an extremely non invasive yet high yielding technique, which I am sure he would be more than willing to discuss with anyone interested. In regards to my case, I apparently had really strong, healthy, and "big" grafts (so lots with 3 and 4 hairs). We chose a hairline hat reflects my age (31) and the fact that I have never had sharp temple points. Plus I was strongly advised against having points worked on as many cases are seen where transplanting to this region looks very odd in years to come where further recession occurs. Plus I have a big head so had lots of baldy to cover I am very happy with my results thus far and I am predicted to have a great result due to graft condition and density. One thing worth mentioning is that is became obvious that Dr Reddy's skills are not only recognized by international patients (there was talk of people coming in from all over the world during my visit), but also he is held in high esteem by the other 'best' FUE surgeons discussed on this site, and from what I gathered some of these surgeons .

Hairloss Patient in UK
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