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Long hair FUE

Unshaven FUE (UFUE)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Dr Raghu Reddy

Long hair FUE (True UFUE)


Restore hair clinics is proud to offer a very unique solution to a perpetually difficult scenario. Some of our clients have withheld undergoing hair restoration surgery due to the fear of having to trim their hair for the procedure and the issue with having short hair in the ensuing healing period.

With this scenario in mind, Dr. Reddy and his team have come up with a modification to the standard FUE procedure by obviating the need for trimming hair both in the donor and recipient areas.

Needless to say we have seen a significant increase in uptake of long hair FUE procedure by clients who desire to return to work in reasonable time.

We have managed to extract FUE grafts with long hair follicles by modifying our technique to such an extent that the quality of the grafts are almost comparable to the ones extracted with traditional FUE technique.

As our emphasis with any surgical procedures is to make sure the results are the best in the industry, we have thoroughly refined the protocols to factor in all the possible outcomes.

The only downside we have noticed is that by not shaving the donor, the time taken to extract follicles increases exponentially. In order to limit the time the grafts stay out of the body, we have limited the number of grafts to 500 grafts per session and as a result one might notice cost implications of choosing long hair FUE vs the traditional FUE. We do hope that with more repetitiveness, we shall be able to offer procedures with higher number of grafts.


Attached is a pictorial representation of our Long hair FUE procedure.



The extraction process using a 0.9 mm manual punch


The extracted grafts with long hair


The grafts being loaded to implanter pens


The client immediately after the procedure



Advantages of long hair FUE 

  • As the grafts are extracted with intact hair, the client can walk away with a visibly fuller head of hair
  • As there is no shaving involved, the client can potentially return to work and keep up his/her social commitments with minimal disruption
  • Styling of hair post procedure is not an issue as clients can potentially stick to their pre procedures hair styles until the new hair grown through
  • The shedding phase of a hair restoration surgery might not be as conspicuous as other hair restoration surgeries.


Disadvantages of long hair FUE

  • Good access has always been a key to extraction of FUE grafts. In leaving the donor hair long, the surgeon has to spend a significantly longer time in the extraction process
  • FUE surgery always carried a small premium to FUT or strip surgery primarily due to the longer time spent extracting and also quality time spent in extracting wholesome grafts. In leaving the donor hair intact, the client is expected to attract a higher premium to the procedure costs
  • When the grafts are placed with long hair, we have experienced occasional tugging on the grafts leading to the grafts being accidently pulled out during the process
  • Since the focus of the surgeon is on extracting the roots without causing any damage to the grafts, occasionally the hair shafts are transected yielding grafts with intact roots but shorter hair shafts. The client needs to be prepared to accept that not all grafts will have long hair shafts
  • Placement of grafts with long hair and in-between existing long hair is a challenge that should not be discounted


What our customers say

"I have just taken a poor photo of myself for you! Don't forget I only had 100 hairs on my head before you came along! It's not a great pic but it will give you an idea of how happy you have made me! "

Neil B in UK

"Thank you for all your help and expertise. I am back in Durban South Africa. I had a good flight with a few close calls with the elderly doing their best to displace my grafts with their hand luggage. Been resting at home today. Still continuing with the saline spray every 30 minutes. I’ve now completed the 5 days of antibiotics and medrone with no sign of any infection and no sign of swelling or bruising. I’ve washed the donor area today with baby shampoo and there was no pain. Tomorrow is day

Nishen in UK
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