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FUE Hair Transplant Videos

Take a look at our video gallery and the amazing results of a FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant by Dr Raghu Reddy - Norwood Scale Stage 7 Hair Loss

Watch The Private Clinic's patient Graham Satchwell, undergo a Follicular Unit Extraction / FUE Hair Transplant procedure carried out by Dr Raghu Reddy.

Hair Transplant Procedure, New FUE Technique

Patrick Strudwick undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure carried out by Dr Reddy, using Follicular Unit Extraction. As seen in the Times.

3 Day FUE hair transplant

This is a unique scenario whereby we could utilise a big donor donor area to extract a large number of grafts.This gentleman suffers from Norwood 7 hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplant by Dr Raghu Reddy

Dr Raghu Reddy, carring out a FUE Hair Transplant procedure on Dr Dennis Wolf.

Dr. Raghu Reddy speaking to Ace from Gladiators

Dr. Raghu Reddy speaks to Warren Furman before his hair transplant. Dr Raghu explains the procedure and answers Warrens questions.

Gladiator ACE speaks after hair transplant

Warren Furman (Gladiator ACE) undergoes an FUE hair transplant by DR Raghu Reddy an speaks about the transplant immediately after the procedure.

About Dr Raghu Reddy

Dr Raghu reddy explaining FUE hair transplant procedure and shares his experience suffering from hair loss.

Hair Loss and hair restoration treatments

Dr Raghu Reddy talks about Hair loss, hair transplant and low level laser to prevent hair loss. Dr Raghu specialises in hair transplant using the FUE method.

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