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Answers to common FUE questions.

Read some of the most commonly asked questions about hair loss and hair transplant treatments and procedures. If you have a question that has not been asked, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

  • Everyone, naturally, has a finite number of multi haired grafts. Does this approach not somewhat exhaust the multi-haired grafts of a patient, in that they will be left with mainly 1 and 2 hair grafts for future work if required? I would have thought for frontal work, that use of several hundred 1-haired grafts would be optimal instead of splitting up 3 and 4 and 5 hair grafts? This would mean that the patient can use their precious 3/4/5 hair grafts for their midscalp and crown if needed down the line.

    Thanks for a very valid and interesting question. Whilst your aforementioned approach of picking grafts containing singles and doubles is very valid, Dr. Reddy has a slightly different approach to hair restoration. He believes hair restoration surgery is akin to gardening. Let's say the grafts at the back of the scalp can be compared to trees and the grafts at the front to twigs.

  • How can I stop my hair falling out. It seems to have become worse in the last year and I feel as though there is nothing I can do about it. I have noticed recently a spate of adverts regarding caffeine shampoos etc but I have always been sceptical about whether treatments like this actually work. What are your thoughts on this and what would be my best option. I am 42 and the main problem area is my crown which is fading rapidly. Regards

    Hi there, thanks for your query. There are only 2 products that work in halting hair-loss. One is a topical solution called Propecia. Consult your doctor or any good hair restoration specialist for more info. I would normally do a miniaturisation mapping study and then make a masterplan depending on the patient’s expectation and motivation.

  • Hi, I have recently had FUE, but now the new hairs are falling out, when will they grow back please?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Expect the hair to gradually thicken up from the 6th month onwards and expect betterment up to 12 months from the date of surgery.

  • Dear Mr Reddy My husband suffers a huge lack of confidence due to premature hair loss, he is 37. Can you give me an approximation of how much this operation would cost? The area is at the top of his head. Many thanks and Kind Regards.

    Thanks for your query. Costs for a hair restoration procedure vary with the number of hair needed for restoration and the type of surgery. Generally speaking, the strip surgery starts at around £3500 and FUE based techniques start at £5000.

  • I want to have hair replacement treatments to the front of my head but I am concerned that people will be able to notice. I am quite a shy person and worry what people will think. My friend tells me I should do whatever I think is good for me but that’s not the way I think. Could you please put my fears to rest? Many Thanks

    Hi, thanks for your query. With advancements in technology, most modern hair transplants , if performed by a competent team, yeild very natural results, being unnoticeable from your own hair.

  • Hi, I’m 21 years old, I have a high hairline that’s getting worse. My hair loss in general is fairly bad and the jokes about it are starting to ruin my confidence. It is probably a mixture of genetics and stress. I was just wondering what the best course of action would be, I already use Regaine but it isn’t very effective. Thanks for your time.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Fortunately with advancements in technique, hair restoration results can be very good if done on the right candidates. What you need to realise is the fact that hair loss is progressive and that you might need a few procedures if you consider going down the route of hair restoration surgery.

  • I am a 23 year old female with a very high hairline. My hairline recedes back and gives me a huge forehead, it makes me extremely self conscious and gives me a lack of self esteem and confidence. It’s embarrassing. I have 2 scars on my forehead.1 is from an accident around 9 years ago and the scar goes back into my hairline, the other is horizontal across the middle of my forehead from another accident 6 years ago. Would these scars affect me from having a surgical procedure in lowering my hairline? Also would I be eligible to have the procedure on the NHS? There is no way I could afford this surgery myself but really cannot live with this forehead forever. Thank you.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair restoration in women is an area of huge controversy as patient selection becomes very important. The difficulty we face is the lack of resources to prevent shock loss in women. Shock loss happens when you lose your own hair as a result of surgery. Unlike men, we do not seem to have any effective medications to prevent shock loss in women. Scar correction is lot more feasible and the outcomes can be very good. My advice is to make an appointment with myself for an evaluation and I shall explain the pros and cons once we have assessed your hair.

  • My 22 year old son is thinning on his crown and naturally feels very disturbed. He was thinking of surgery. 1) Do you have to shave his whole head before 2) will he have to take Propecia after. Thanks.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. FUE can be perfomed without shaving the head fully if it a small area that needs to be fixed. It is not a necessity that the your son needs to be on Propecia forever. However Propecia does prevent further loss and bearing in mind your son’s age. we need to make sure he is using something to counter future loss.

  • Hi My big brother has been losing his hair since early teenage years. He used to have thick and full hair. He’s convinced they work, but personally I don’t see a difference. My father has had follicle implementation, maybe 10 years ago, i can’t remember as i was young. He’s has some taken from the back of his head and inserted at the front. But I’m not sure about the results. My brother is thinking of taking the same path but I am not convinced by it all. I was wondering if there are new research about the subject of hair loss or new treatments. I don’t know if it’s a hormonal / genetic problem and what can be done about this. Are there any alternatives to surgical treatment? Kind Regards.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair loss has a multitude of causes – Genetic, Physical and ageing are some of the common causes. There is convincing evidence to support use of Minoxidil and Propecia in preventing further loss of hair. My advice is to see a dermatologist or a hair restoration surgeon to get a miniaturisation mapping study and get further advice on the way forward.

  • My partner had a small skin cancer removed from the top of his head. The surgeon cut two semi circles (in opposing directions) with 82 stitches. This covered the top of his head. The initial bandage did not stay on and this may have caused the infection that followed. The area over the cancer was cut to the bone and the damaged tissue cut out along most of the scar line up to 1.7 cm in width removing the nerve fibre. There are also patches of very thin hair. The rest of his hair remains very thi

    Hi there, thanks for your query. For small scars FUE hair restoration offers very good outcomes.

  • Hi, and thank you for reading my question. I have been exploring all avenues available and have decided on hair transplantation as Propecia and Minoxidil have done little to help. Which is the best technique to go for out of FUT, FUE and Choi? Thanks

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Both FUT and FUE surgery have their merits and demerits. Kindly meet a few surgeons and not salespersons who will examine you and offer you an unbiased opinion. In general not everyone is suitable for hair restoration and hence my advice to carefully research the surgeon before you make a decision.

  • Dear Sir, I have Norwood scale 2, so should only require 500-800 grafts and would prefer the strip method. Would you be able to perform this and how much will it cost? Thank you for your time.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. I am happy to examine you and recommend the desired number of grafts. Hair restoration is fairly complicated and I would recommend you meet a surgeon and not a salesperson to examine you. I have moved away from performing strip surgery due to logistics. I would recommend Dr Michael May or Dr Bessam Farjo if you are considering a strip surgery.

  • Hi, I’m a 27 year old black male and have noticed that my hair has started thinning around the crown and at the front of my head, my hairline has also reseeded slightly. I was wondering if FUE treatment can be performed on black men and if there are any implications that I should know about??

    Hi there, thanks for your query.FUE surgery in afro-carribean hair is a very challenging surgery. I am pleased to say that with the 3G FUE we have overcome this difficulty. However be advised that if you have a propensity for keloid scarring. Any kind of surgery is not advisable.

  • Dear Doc, can you please tell me if you can do a scalp transplant, and who can do it and how much will it cost? Please I am desparate and cant live like this any longer. I would appreciate any info you can give me. I need a scalp transplant as I was attacked by dogs and lost 90% of my own scalp,

    Hi there,thanks for your query. From what I gather you are looking for skin flap reconstruction. My advice is to see your GP to be referred to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

  • Do you know anywhere in the UK that does the hairline lowering surgery?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. If you are considering hairline lowering, my advice is to see a good hair restoration surgeon and look into the pros and cons of a hair restoration surgery.

  • Hello, I’m 15 years old and am so conscious of my big forehead, I don’t do sport, don’t go swimming, and I am constantly worrying about it. Is it possible to have a forehead reduction surgery?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Having experienced hair loss at a young age, I can empathise with you. But what you are considering is a very drastic surgery with severe implications for the rest of your life. My advice is to consider different hair styles to hide your prominent forehead. If you are experiencing hair loss, talk to your doctor or make an appointment to see me and we can discuss further options

  • Hi, I would like to enquire about FUE, I am at present using a hair piece and was wondering if it was possible to continue using the piece after the procedure during regrowth as I am only 32 and very self conscious, also how long does it take for the appointment to come through, and how long before regrowth. Kind regards waiting in anticipation for a reply. Thank you.

    Hi there. You can wear your hair piece after a week of undergoing FUE. One note of warning, the system actually causes more hair loss to a point where any number of surgeries might not give you a desired result. My advice is to get to see a hair restoration surgeon or a dermatologist at the earliest and try to find a way of getting away with the hair piece. 

  • I am just starting to have thin hair at the front of my head and have had people mention I’m starting lose my hair. I want to get hair replacement before it becomes any worse and want to know about the procedure, cost and payment plans. Thank you.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair restoration with FUE starts at £ 4500. You might need to consider medical treatments before thinking of surgical treatments.

  • I’m 30 male.I need hair transplant in front of my reciding hair line. I think I need 1000 hair follicles. I stay in Mumbai. How expensive it is? Can I do it in Mumbai?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Without assessment of your pics, I’m afraid I might not be able to give a precise figure. I no longer fly to India to do procedures due to logistics. 1000 hair might be too little in that you are looking at 300-400 grafts. For hairline restoration among asians, you need at least 800-1000 grafts, meaning 2000-2500 hair.

  • I read somewhere your work is so good that if the transplanted hair does not grow you would do a FUE free to get the required result. Is that correct?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair restoration with FUE is a very complicated surgery and needs a lot of planning to get the desired results. One of the reasons that I have been able to keep my results consistently good is the fact that we plan all the outcomes during the initial consultation. Once you qualify for the 3G FUE procedure and we agree on expectations, there is no doubt that you would be pleased with the result. On that note, yes I do offer a safety net for my procedures.

  • I am so worried I am not even sleeping well. I am a 27 year old women and just recently I have noticed a massive loss in the density of my hair and my scalp is starting to show. I confided in my mum and when she looked she could really notice it and told me it was all over. My scalp has recently got a bit itchy. I need help, I’m so anxious and scared I’m going to lose my hair. Please help me.

    I can completely understand your concerns. Fortunately with advancements in understanding of hair loss, most of the conditions can be diagnosed and treated successfully. Try to make an appointment with your doctor or myself and we shall be able to help you.

  • Are there complications or risks for a hair transplant that I would need to be aware of before going ahead with treatment please?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. There are always certain risks involved in undergoing any surgery. Fortunately with FUE technique the complications are very rare and minimal. You should still be aware of certain risks associated with infection, reaction to anaesthetic, reaction to the antibiotics etc.

  • Would your hair transplant procedure work on a lady who lost her hair from radiotherapy treatment following a brain tumour? She has a bald patch at the back of her head.Hi there, thanks for your query. There are always certain risks involved in undergoing any surgery. Fortunately with FUE technique the complications are very rare and minimal. You should still be aware of certain risks associated with infection, reaction to anaesthetic, reaction to the antibiotics etc.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair loss from chemotherapy is termed Anagen effluvium. The good thing about this condition is that most of the hair grows back once the treatment cycles are complete. Kindly make an appointment to see myself for a scalp analysis at 98 Harley Street and I shall be able to offer a better idea regarding outcomes.

  • Will Propecia or the laser comb help with a receding hairline? Any other treatments available you could advise me of please?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. There is a lot of evidence supporting the use of Propecia in halting progression of hair loss. However the evidence supporting use of laser comb is not very convincing. You can consider trying Propecia and Minoxidil under supervision of your doctor to halt progression of your hair loss.

  • I had a hair transplant around two years ago. It has left me with a scar around my head from ear to ear. This is visible with short haircuts. Is there any lotion/creams which will help reduce/fade away this dark line scar so its not so visible? Something that can be used on the head.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. A good option to conceal the scar would be to have an FUE based procedure to transfer hair into the scar tissue.

  • I have heard that the NHS can subsidise payments. Is this true and how can I apply?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Most hair transplant surgeries are performed for cosmetic betterments and I would be surprised if the NHS can contribute towards surgical costs. However, the PCT might entertain a few applications under exceptional circumstances. It might be worth discussing with your PCT if you qualify for subsidised payments.

  • Hello Dr, Have you done PRP to any of your client and if yes, how was the result? Can FUE and PRP can be done together? BR, PLR

    Hi there, thanks for your query. I have performed PRP injections in to the thinning area of the scalp. However the hair transplant community needs more evidence as to the measurement of any tangible outcomes so that we could do a cost benefit analysis. I am of the opinion that PRP offers some benefit, but the questions remain if the benefits are worth the price you pay for the procedure?

  • I had a hair transplant of about 2,600 follicular unit extraction in Oct 09. Although new hair is present in the front area there isn’t much of it. I’m now 12 months after surgery. What can I expect from this point on?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Since it is around 12m, you should see most of your transplanted hair. There is recent evidence to suggest that you can expect some regrowth until 15m post -procedure. It might be a good idea to pop in to see your surgeon for an evaluation to measure the outcome. 

  • In the past i have seen the golf ball effect on my friends head as he had a hair transplant and over time was unhappy with the outcome and shaved his head to reveal these little dots (golf ball effect). Does your FUE system leave scars/mark just in case if I get a fue treatment and then decide in later life to have a short cut…as the scarring point is worrying

    Hi there, thanks for your query. You are right in being concerned about the golf ball appearance of FUE. However with the third generation FUE that I have been performing, the chances of golf ball scarring is very negligible. Two things have helped me achieve this, one is the technique and second is the patient selection.

  • Ive been talking to a doctor and he has put me on a 1 year hair plan to regrow hair….how much hair does one need to have on top to be a client for FUE? Regards

    Hi there, thanks for your query. The only determinant for an FUE is a good donor areSo the answer to your question is that we could perform a successful FUE even with very little hair at the top.

  • Hi there. I am from Bristol and am 17 years old And I lost hair on my forehead. I have a large forehead and its making me feel uncomfortable so I was wondering if you Do surgery for hairline lowering. And I heard that the NHS does it for free for chilldren if not Do u know the exact price of it and are the surgens professional. Or should I go to my GP and what do you think they’ll do? Please email me back when you get this, thank you.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. My advice is to tread cautiously whist considering a hair restoration surgery especially at your age. Hair restoration surgery has progressed significantly in that we are able to achieve very natural results. But one of the concerns of hair a surgical restoration at your age is that it would be difficult to predict your future hair loss pattern and further you might have a small island of hair in the transplanted area and you might continue to lose your own hair. I might be speaking of worst case scenarios, but do bear these in mind before you consider hair restoration. On the positive side you have decided to seek help at an early stage and we could do a lot of things to preserve your hair and prevent future loss.

  • Dear Sir. Are you able to lower someone hairline when they are also having hair transplant treatments or would this need to be done at a separate time? I am balding around my crown and I expected this to happen anyway but my hairline is too high and I would also like this be lowered as well if possible. Can you please give me a little advice on both subjects?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. One of the benefits of the third generation fue is the ability to restore different areas of your hair at the same time. The first step is a miniaturisation study that would give us a clear picture on the number of hair available for transplantation.

  • Dear Sir, for me this is the most personal and life defining thing I have ever had to face. I have Norwood scale 3v / 4, so I am balding at the crown and my hair line has receded over the years. My question is can you perform an operation where this can be done in one visit? I have quite thick dark brown hair everywhere else and am looking for good density. Are you the man?

    Hi, thanks for your query. Having suffered hair loss myself and gone through very average restoration surgery, I completely empathise with you. One of the advantages of the third generation fue is the ability to perform up to 1500-1750 grafts in one session. As long as you have sufficient donor, there is no reason why you should doubt having an excellent result. My advice to anyone seeking hair restoration is to exercise due diligence in finding your surgeon. Talk to previous patients and also meet them in person to see what you can expect. Also insist on meeting your surgeon during consultation and also undergoing a miniaturisation mapping as part of planning for your procedure. Last but not least, make sure your surgeon has a master plan to make sure your future loss is catered to and also measures to prevent any future loss. I am happy to provide all of the above mentioned. Expect for prices to be around £5000, dependant on the number of grafts needed.

  • I have enquired with two hair transplant surgeons recently, only for details for prices etc. I don’t live near London but a friend of mine suggested to contact you for details as her husband had some work done by you and he was very happy indeed. I live just outside Stoke but I am prepared to travel and wondered what your starting prices were for hair transplant surgery and how soon you could offer a consultation.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. Prices for FUE hair transplants start at around £ 4500. Expect to pay considerably less for a strip surgery. I practice both in London and Nottinghamshire. You would have to ring Selston Cosmetic Clinic for Nottingham consults.

  • Hello Dr. I have recently had a consultation with a clinic in Manchester, they said I need 1500-2000 grafts, but having seen your 3 generation treatment, with no scarring I am cancelling the surgery immediately. I am going to book an appointment in morning with The Private Clinic in Manchester, would you do the surgery there. Thanks, Phil.

    Hi Phil, thanks for your query. That’s right I perform all my surgeries. I perform a miniaturisation mapping on your scalp during the consultation, which would guide us in the availability of donor hair and also plan for any future loss.

  • Does having the hair transplant surgery cause a large amount of pain at any stage of the treatment?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. I would be lying if I say hair transplants do not hurt. You are bound to experience some pain based on the type of procedure you undertake. Generally speaking strip surgery is more painful than FUE. However with advances in technique, the procedures are getting very refined. There are some areas in your skin that are relatively pain free and if the anaesthetic needles are done the right way you should not feel any more pain than getting a blood test. With my FUE technique, most of my patients have not complained of any post procedure pain.

  • Hi, I am 22 years old with a high hairline. My hair is quite thick. I wanted to know the cost of this procedure and if there are any major side effects in the future? Thank you for your time.

    Hi, thanks for your query. One of the things you need to realise is that you might not be going bald at all. The process you have described happens in most individuals where the temples and forehead becomes more prominent- hairline maturation. Hair transplantation might be considered as an option if you not happy with your look. However, given your age, you need to bear in mind that the transplanted hair stay forever and you need to be very motivated to look after your own hair, else you might be needing more procedures in the future.

  • Dear Dr. I am a 37 year old male with very little facial hair. I have a moustache and some hair on my chin but nothing else. Is hair transplant possible for me?

    Hi there - thanks for your query. One of the advantages of FUE 3g is that we can safely transfer hair from the back of your scalp on to your face. Lack of facial hair might be associated with a few skin conditions. 

  • I’m 56 year old female and in the last 6 months my hair has begun to thin where it is now at a level where it has become quite noticeable. Firstly have you heard of this happening before after someone has had surgery and secondly can I do anything about it? How much is a consultation if I decided to come and see you?

    Hi, thanks for your query. One of the possibilities from your description is a condition called telogen effluvium. This is condition in which you see increased shedding of hair following a major surgery or a very stressful event. This is usually selflimiting and most of the hair grows back once you have addressed the stress. However it is unlikely to happen 6m post a lipo surgery. One option is to see your GP to rule out any associated conditions. 

  • I would like to know if you can apply the hair transplant procedure to scarred areas where no hair currently grows? The treatment would be for the back of my head as the scar is rather noticeable when I have my hair short. I’m trying to figure out if the cost is worth the result or just wear my hair longer to cover the area.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. One of the advantages of FUE is that you can achieve scar corrections with no linear scarring. Expect to pay around £ 1500.

  • I have recently begun to lose my hair. I haven’t had any health previously put this now seems to be quite accelerated and I would like to look into options to slowe this down. At 62 am I too old to be contemplating this treatment?

    Hi Trevor, thanks for your query. With advancements in technology, hair restoration can be performed at any age. The only limiting factor is the availability of donor hair. My advice would be to consider medical options first if you have only recently started thinning as early intervention can stop progression of hair loss.

  • Is there any way or anything I could try to stop my hair thinning or at least slow down the process? I tried Rogane treatment for the last 2 years but this has not helped. I’m 43 and this hair thinning really bothers me.

    Hi, thanks for your query. There are plenty of options to halt progression of hair loss. My first recommendation would be to get a miniaturisation mapping, following which a proper diagnosis can be ascertained. If the miniaturisation is in its early stages, my recommendation would be to persist with Minoxidil and maybe try Finasteride 1mg once daily.

  • Can you get eyelash transplants? I’ve been wearing fake eyelashes for several years and an unfortunate consequence of this is I have lost a lot of my original eyelashes. Can anything be done?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. We have some convincing evidence to suggest that medication works in restoring eyelashes. I strongly believe that this is a much safer way of restoring your eyelashes. 

  • Mr Reddy. Can you tell me if you have ever come across ovation cell therapy for the hair? If you have could you possibly give me a quick indication of your thoughts on it please?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. As a medical professional, I rely on evidence before accepting any treatment to be effective. Based on the information provided on ovation therapy, I have no reason to believe that there is any strong evidence for me to recommend the therapy. The internet is full of miracle therapies and I have always believed in the fact that the best way to kill a bad product is good marketing. If however, one of the readers can provide with any evidence based study on its effectiveness, I shall change my stance.

  • Almost two years ago, my hair started falling out at a rapid rate and this lasted for a few months. After a period where I had no problem it started again this time for about 5 months on and off. Although I’ve still got hair I fear this is going to get worse and I’m going to end up completely bald. I rarely get stressed and stay reasonably fit and healthy. Have you heard about anyone else having issue like this before?

    Hi, thanks for your query. From the limited history you have provided me with, I can think of two possibilities. The first possibility is of physiological shedding. Hair grows in three cycles: anagen, catagen and telogen . The anagen or the growth phase is the longest and last a couple of years. Normally humans lose up to 200-300 hair everyday. Occasionally, it so happens that individuals have a prolonged anagen phase and then go through phases of accelerated shedding. If this is the case, there is no room for concern. The second possibility is of telogen effluvium. In this condition, you would notice a lot of shedding a couple of weeks following a stressful phase like a breakup, job loss or bereavement. This phase should last a couple of months and if the stress is addressed, the condition clears. If however the individual has not developed a coping mechanism, the loss persists and medical help should be sought at the earliest.

  • I am 50 years and have been losing hair since the birth of my baby 13 years ago. There is no bald patch but hardly any volume. My GP put me on zinc and iron 9 months ago but there is no improvement. What can I do?

    Hi, thanks for your query. What you are experiencing is a process called miniaturisation. During this process, the hair follicles that were in groups of 3 and 4, become thinner and become 1 and 2, hence the appearance of thinning. One of the things to do is to get a miniaturisation mapping study and then we could try different medications including 2% Minoxidil based on the diagnosis.

  • My question is about hair transplanting using donor hair. Where do you take the donor hair from do they only take the donor hairs from places like the back of the scalp or the side where hair loss is less frequent?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. That’s right hair transplantation is generally performed by taking hair from the back and the sides. These hair are DHT resistant and hence seem to last permanently. Over the past couple of years I have also been routinely performing body hair transplants using FUE technique.

  • Can you please tell me if hair transplants work on scarred tissue?

    Hi there, thanks for your query.  Hair transplants do work on scarred tissue. One of the surgeries I perform very often is correcting previous scars from strip surgery by performing third generation FUE technique.

  • Im 45 but I have lost a large portion of my hair especially from the front and top. The areas around the back of my head are still quite think with hair and I’m enquiring whether this would still make me a good candidate to have hair transplants?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. You are right in your understanding that having sufficient hair at he back (donor area), makes you a good candidate for hair restoration, be it FUE or strip surgery.

  • Good morning, I was wondering if u could help. I am 35 years old and I am suffering with complete hair loss, just wanted to know what is available to help me. Regards, Tony.

    Hi Tony – thanks for your query. One of the first things to do would be to do an evaluation of your scalp to pin down the reason behind your hair loss. Once we have obtained a diagnosis, we will be better equipped to deal with your condition. You have 2 options: medical hair restoration and surgical restoration. I tend to combine both depending on my diagnosis. An option would be to post your pictures or make an appointment for a scalp analysis and I shall be able to discuss things further.

  • I’m going a tad thin on top of my head and this coincided with seeing an interview with a TV star saying how great having hair transplants was. They didn’t mention how much treatment is and I just wondered what sort of price this starts at please?

    Hi there - thanks for your query. Prices for the third generation FUE (Individual follicle technique) start at £ 4500. The price is dependant on the number of hair you need and the stage of your baldness. With the Third Gen FUE – you get all the benefits of FUE (no scalpels, stitches or linear scars) along with guaranteed natural results.

  • Are you able to do hair transplants for areas such as eyebrows or other body areas?

    Hi there – thanks for your query. One of the advantages of the Third Generation FUE is the ability to achieve natural results with areas such as eyebrows and even eyelashes. I have a fair amount of experience in doing eyebrow restoration.

  • Mr Reddy. Would hair transplants be effective for a small area of alopecia?

    Hi there- thanks for your query. Hair restoration would be effective for small areas of alopeciHowever before considering surgical restoration, my advice would be get the correct diagnosis , as some of the conditions causing patchy areas of alopecia like alopecia areata are self limiting and need medical management.

  • I have been losing a small amount of hair on the side of my head now. Since after having my son, which was 11 years ago, I have tried all types of treatments to help stimulate hair growth. The patch is currently about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. Do you have any suggestions?

    Hi there, thanks for your query. From the limited history provided, there might be 2 possibilities. 1. An autoimmune condition called alopecia areata which is a self limiting condition. 2. The other possibility to consider is patchy baldness. I would recommend to see your GP or a dermatologist to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

  • My daughter (12) is very self conscious about the hair on her legs and underarms and would like to completely remove the hair. How much would it be and would you be able to do it? Thanks

    Hi there, thanks for your query. I’m afraid I do not perform cosmetic hair removal. There are numerous cosmetic procedures to get rid of unwanted body hair including waxing, threading etc. I am unable to recommend any procedures. Kindly ask your GP or practice nurse for more advice.

  • Do you do hair removal treatments as well has hair improvements?

    Hi there thanks for your query. I’m afraid I do not perform aesthetic hair removal. Most of the evidence suggests a few courses of laser works best for resistant hair. However I have performed hair removal using FUE punches to achieve aesthetic redistribution following bad hair transplants in the past.

  • Do you endorse the use of hair loss drugs such as endorse the use of hair loss drugs. I have very mixed reviews about how good these treatments are and though I would ask a professional their view. Darren

    Hi Darren, thanks for your query. Propecia has FDA approval for use in hair loss. However Avodart has no FDA approval and it has been prescribed off-licence. The interesting fact about Propecia is that it blocks an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase is responsible for conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. DHT is responsible for balding and not testosterone unlike what has been widely reported. Propecia should increase testosterone and decrease DHT. However in approx 1% of men, unfortunately Propecia causes systemic reduction in testosterone leading to erectile impotence. Evidence suggests that the side effects are completely reversible after stopping the medication for 2 weeks. Bearing this in mind, I do tend to prescribe PropeciHowever as with any bit of medical advice, I eventually let the patient decide on what’s right for them.

  • Hi Dr Raghu Reddy, I had a strip surgery as my forehead was too wide. I am not happy with the result. Would u tell me more about FUE, your success rate and the recovery time.

    Hi there, thanks for your query. I do perform a lot of correction surgeries. With the third generation FUE, hair is taken one by one from the permanent zone on the back of your head, obviating the need for scalpels and sutures and with minimal post-op recovery time. With the refined technique I perform, I am able to achieve very natural looking results along with the desired density as I use follipens instead of forceps during placement of hairs, giving me the ability to achieve dense packing.

  • Could I please have some more information about the strip harvest technique used to improve and thicken hair. My hair is receding from the front mainly but is also getting thinner on top around the crown.

    Strip or FUT is a procedure whereby a doctor cuts a strip of skin from the area on the back of your head called the donor site which is an area that is not affected by male pattern baldness and then the piece of skin is dissected and the follicles are prepared for implantation, the incision site on the back on your head is stitched up, the follicles are then placed in the area that requires density with and this depends on the doctor either special tools or a scalpel to do this.  I myself perform both FUT and FUE but prefer FUE as it is less invasive, requires minimum recovery time, leaves no visible scars and also produces excellent results. Different methods may suits different patients – a patient who has lack skin may be more suitable for FUT rather than FUE, a younger patient may be more suitable for FUE etc.

  • Hi, I am 23 years of age and for a number of years have been aware of my high and wide hairline. This seems to be getting worse and causes me great upset. I have looked into different procedures but would be very grateful if you could make me aware and advise me of all procedures. I was also was wondering about the price of the treatments and if I would be able to receive this on the NHS? Thanks Regards, Kim.

    Firstly lets start with the NHS question – in order to know if you would qualify for a cosmetic procedure and in my experience this is only a slim chance that this would approved. There are basically only two types of procedures FUE and FUT, the one that I prefer is FUE as it is a minimally invasive procedure this involves cherry picking follicles which are extracted with a special tool and then they are implanted into the area requiring density with special tools, the procedure is relatively painless as the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic. The areas will heal after a couple of days (5-7) but this depends on the person. FUT is a more invasive procedure which involves removing a strip of skin from the back of the head – the donor site which is then separated into individual follicles which are then placed in the area requiring density – depending on the doctor will depend as to whether they use special disposable tools – many don’t due to the expense involved.  The results will depend on the skill and experience of the doctor in both cases doing the procedure. Results for all hair transplants have improved dramatically over the years as technology has evolved. The hair that is placed should grow back and stay for life as it will not be effected by male pattern baldness.

  • I am thinking about having FUE as I have hair thinning on the parting of my head but my sides are also thinning. Am I a good candidate? How can I keep the rest of the hair apart from Minoxdil or should I just get a wig?

    Without looking at your donor site and the area requiring density I cannot tell as to whether you are a suitable candidate for a procedure, by the sounds of it you would be a candidate, Minoxidil works for most people but not all but in my experience it is a good treatment especially if you combine this with a Dermaroller or laser hair treatment.  Getting a wig should be the last resort with the advancements in hair transplant and technologies.

  • Can you use the hair transplant procedure to put hair back into the chest area and other areas of the body?

    Yes you can do this, you would still need to have a good donor area or a lot of hair on the back of the neck which can be transplanted to this area, hair can be transplanted to all areas of the body but to achieve natural looking results it is advisable to try and take it from a body area that has similar consistency.

  • Hi. I’m 28 and have thinning head of hair. I had a recent consultation for £3575 for 1300 grafts of on average 2.75 hairs per cluster to treat my thinning hair and receding hairline via the FUE method along with proposed Propecia to cease hair loss using the angled extraction cut to hide scars. Is FUE transplantation safe and successful? And are there any dangers form using Propecia? Pease help and advise it worries me immensely losing my hair. Many thanks regards, Chris.

    Hi Chris, my advice with hair loss is the sooner you start treating it the better, particularly in your case where it is genetic and you appear to be following the same pattern, the price that you had quoted seems reasonable and I also recommend Propecia for a month or longer to prevent any risk of shock hair loss and also to try and slow down hair loss. There are some side effects of Propecia which occur in about 2% of people taking it and it needs to be prescribed after a medical check up and monitored as do all medications for any potential side effects. Angled extraction does not sound like FUE but FUT.

  • Are you able to have hair transplant surgery for the eyebrow area?

    Yes, eyebrow hair restoration is an area that we have seen rise in popularity over the last number of years it is a successful but time consuming and delicate procedure which should be performed by a skilled and experienced doctor to achieve good results.

  • I would like to ask you about treatments for male pattern baldness. Right now I still have a good head of hair but have noticed that my hair is thinning on top and would like to see if there are any treatments to slow this process down? I look forward to your reply. Martin

    There are only a few medically proven treatments that I recommend for slowing down hair loss, the first is a topical solution called Minoxidil which you can buy under the brand name of Regaine in boots chemist or most larger pharmacies – this does not work for everyone and the reasons behind this are not known. I normally recommend that this is used in con-junction with a Dermaroller as it really helps to increase the effectiveness of Minoxidil – we have had some great results with the combination. I would also recommend that you have a consult with you GP just to rule out any other potential causes of hair loss just in case it is not male pattern baldness and while you are there discuss a tablet called Finestride which may be suitable and has also had some good results in slowing down hair loss – this is not suitable for everyone and you need to discuss this with your GP. These are the main solutions for male pattern baldness and you should try to see if they are effective or suitable for you.

  • Hair Loss. Could you please give details of how I could find a quality surgeon for a hair transplant? Is there some kind of certification I can expect the surgery to have and is there further risks with going abroad to get this procedure carried out? Thanks

    Finding a good quality surgeon and there are some in the UK of which I would like to count myself should be easy on the internet – you can check the qualifications of the surgeon and if they are a member of the IHRS society, have the qualifications, are GMC registered, that their clinic is HCC registered and that they will offer some form of a written guarantee. There are always risks with any procedure of going abroad and the risks for a hair transplant are the same – the first is that if you have an issue getting back to the clinic for a check up is costly and time consuming, also as a hair transplant is a day procedure travelling abroad can cost more by the time you add flights, hotels and also the loss of time with saying that we have many patients who come from abroad – the furthest has been Australia to have procedures done at the clinic and we are able to manage their aftercare remotely and we have also flown abroad to perform procedures for patients and this has gone well.  I think as with all procedures it really depends on your confidence in the doctor the clinic and accessibility.

  • Can you tell me a little about what’s involved in the hair transplant procedure please? I’m thinking amount of treatments costs etc.

    Normally a hair transplant is a day procedure, there are two types of procedures and most doctors will have their own slight variants on this as with all procedures, their first is strip surgery which involves cutting a piece of skin from the back of you head which is called the donor site this is then transected into follicles which are implanted into the donor are The incision site is then stitched and will heal. The second type is FUE which is a longer and more detailed procedure for a doctor as this is involves removing the follicles individually and then they are loaded into a special tool with allows for the placement at the required angle into the scalp or area requiring density.  Strip surgery tends to be cheaper as it requires less time from the doctor. Some can perform up to three a day and also does not require the use of the extraction tools which are expensive also some doctors do not use the implantation tools which would also save money on a procedure. I personally can perform both but my preference is for FUE over FUT as I feel that it produces better more natural looking results, does not have the same recovery time and also does not leave a tell tale scar. With saying this I have seen some good results produced by some of my colleagues with FUT and tiny linear scars but have also seen some terrible scars which I have performed corrective procedures on – with all things it depends on the person who is performing the procedure so my advice is go for a number of consultations compare how you fell about the procedures and yes cost is a factor but when you getting a procedure done for results to last you a lifetime then go for the best that you can.

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