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My new hairline has everything I wanted, down to the smallest details. From start to finish my procedure has been superb.

Facial hair transplants are continuing to grow in popularity, particularly as we see beards coming back into fashion. Men who choose to undergo facial hair transplants are often cash rich, time poor, working men who want to look their best and are looking for effective, long-lasting results.
A facial hair transplant is a good option for men who do have facial hair but would like it to be thicker or fuller or to achieve a desirable shape of beard.
Facial hair transplants work in the same way as hair transplants performed to the patient’s head, using a technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE). This is a minimally invasive transplant technique, which is carried out under local anaesthetic. The procedure involves taking individual hairs from an area on the head where the hair is plentiful, and transplanting these hairs into the areas on the face that the patient would like to target.

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The objective of this website is to provide sufficient information to the consumers that will help them decide on the best possible option for their hair loss and take a balanced view. We are in no way implying that we are the best.
There are some phenomenal surgeons practicing worldwide, whom I have had the privilege of training with and working under. I would like to believe that my team always give their best and our results are consistent with the best in the industry.

Dr. Raghu Reddy

FUE Hair Transplant Specialist

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