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Hair Restoration

Hair restoration surgery has become very popular in recent years, partly driven by improvements in outcomes and partly because of increased awareness about the safety of the surgery.

There are a lot of options available for the consumer looking for hair restoration surgery. Though this might sound like a win-win scenario, we are getting to see a lot of very poorly planned surgeries and also poor outcomes. I have battled with hair loss and poor hair restoration surgery for 17 years and for the first time in 17 years, I am extremely happy with the state of my hair.

Hair transplant surgery is a very surgeon-dependent surgery and it is of paramount importance to pick the right surgeon. It is also a unique surgery because we have to deal with a very limited number of hair follicles to give an illusion of more hair.

Until technology improves, whereby cloning of hair becomes mainstream, the surgeon has to take extreme care in preserving the donor hair. On top of this, hair loss is progressive and in most instances, poorly planned surgery can cause more harm than good, which I have personally experienced.

There are a lot of options available to address hair loss and surgery is just one of them. Hence, it is advisable that prospective clients insist on meeting the surgeon performing the surgery and address all available options before undergoing surgery.

As a team what we have understood over these past 5-6 years is the fact that FUE hair restoration surgery is more than science. Whilst the emphasis during our earlier years was on speed and efficiency, now we focus more on attention to detail and creating near perfect outcomes where possible. We are also proud to proclaim that our yield rates on average are better than 80% which is one of the highest in the industry and our transaction rates are one of the lowest, hence providing exceptional value for money for our clients.

Also, what we have noticed is that by placing more emphasis on creating age specific and face specific hairlines and density the satisfaction index among our clients has increased significantly and despite clients having very high expectations, we have consistently been able to better our clients expectations.

As a team, more than 40% of our work is repair and correction work and we appreciate the fact that clients not only want a decent head of hair, they also appreciate the fact that the hair looks and feels natural with natural angels and hardly any evidence of any work being undertaken. To that end we believe hair restoration surgery is a bit like fine watchmaking. One could possibly assemble a watch to read time or one can invest time, expertise and attention to detail needed to create a masterpiece that our clients can enjoy for a very long time.

The objective of this website is to provide sufficient information to the consumers that will help them decide on the best possible option for their hair loss and take a balanced view. We are in no way implying that we are the best. There are some phenomenal surgeons practicing worldwide, whom I have had the privilege of training with and working under. I would like to believe that my team always gives their best and our results are consistent with the best in the industry.


Why Choose Us?

Following are a few reasons why I believe we are considered as an extremely safe option whilst considering hair restoration surgery

We believe in a business model is purely based on recommendation and hence 90% of our clients come through a personal recommendation

With the personal trauma suffered from sub-optimal surgery, Dr Reddy has a personal motto of making sure that none of his patients go through the same

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