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I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering a hair transplant in the future.

As hair restoration surgery in general and FUE in particular are becoming more accessible, a new trend is starting to emerge whereby women have started to seek FUE hair restoration to fulfill their aesthetic needs. 

This is particularly true amongst women who are concerned with high foreheads. They are increasingly having to make a choice between traumatic forehead lowering surgery and FUE. 

Symmetry has always been a desired feature amongst humans and more and more studies have confirmed that the basis of an attractive face is the symmetry or the golden ratio. Evidence suggests that attractive faces have features that define the face into three symmetrical parts. 

Humans have always pursued symmetry and in their pursuit have opted for various aesthetic procedures to achieve the same.

The three most common surgeries in pursuit of symmetry have been

  • Forehead reduction surgery for an enlarged forehead
  • Rhinoplasty to either reduce the size of the nose or add more symmetry to the face
  • Chin implants to counteract a weak lower third of the face

A classic example of how facial symmetry can be achieved following FUE 

However, with FUE becoming more accessible, we have seen an increasing number of clients, especially women, choosing FUE over forehead reduction surgery to achieve symmetry. 

Following are the advantages of FUE over forehead reduction surgery

  • FUE is performed under local anesthetic in a controlled environment
  • It is minimally invasive and virtually painfree
  • Completely natural results can be achieved with FUE with very little need for the client to explain to their peers about undergoing the surgical procedure
  • There is very little downtime with FUE
  • The results are long lasting
  • The client can dictate the hairline and density of hair to be transferred within reason.
  • FUE can be used to correct unsightly scars created from previous forehead reduction surgery 

However, FUE surgery does have some limitations

  • A successful outcome of FUE surgery is dependent on availability of a reasonably good donor
  • The hair line design is limited by the edges of the frontalis muscle. If one is born with a high frontalis muscle, there is very little room for performing FUE surgery to lower the hairline as hair placed on top of frontalis muscle can look unsightly. 

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