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There are number of factors to explore and consider if you are experiencing hair loss. Firstly, genetics play a big part. Just like men, women can inherit genes from the maternal or paternal side, which leave them predisposed to hair loss.

However it is important to note that, unlike baldness in men, hair loss in women is almost always caused by an underlying medical condition so your first step should always be to seek the advice of your GP or a hair loss specialist. They will be able to help determine whether there is an underlying issue or whether you are simply going through a natural change.

To some degree, yes. It is likely that as you grow older, you will experience some level of hair loss but the extent of the problem will differ depending on your age, genetic makeup and lifestyle.  

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is a change in hormone levels, so if you are post-menopausal then it is likely that you will experience some natural thinning of the hair. Women with higher than normal levels of testosterone, such as women who have been diagnosed with PCOS for example, are also more likely to experience patterned baldness. 

I am not convinced that hair loss in women has become more common but I think now there is a better awareness on the problem and more women are choosing to seek help. There is also greater awareness of potential treatments available and the topic is perhaps discussed more openly now that ever before.  

I think it is also apparent that greater number of women are suffering with hair loss because of over-styling and even the over-use of hair extensions. Both of these things can lead to permanent damage and we are certainly seeing a growing number of younger women suffering in this way.  

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