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Dr Reddy was recommended to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. This clinic is the place to go for a superb outcome

There is no denying that no amount of camouflage can cover a badly designed hairline.
I believe hairline planning and design is more art than science and one needs to be able to visualise the end result whilst creating a hairline.

I firmly believe that hairline restoration is more art than science. The two key aspects that need to be considered is to design a hairline that is Face and age specificity. There is no doubt that the experience of the surgical team plays a significant part in achieving natural hairlines. Dr Reddy and his team have developed their own signature technique to ensure that they create some of the most natural looking hairlines in the industry. The technicalities associated in achieving natural hairlines are quite challenging even for the most experienced teams.

Dr Reddy has figured out a few novel approaches in selecting the finest singles for the hairline and also in orienting these single haired grafts in a specific way so that it looks natural in all hair lengths. And lighting.  Here are a few scenarios of patients whereby not enough thought has gone into designing and constructing the hairlines.

For the purpose of education, I have attached a few examples of what one needs to look out for in a hairline design.
The first 2 pics are from my practice and the following ones demonstrate poor outcomes whereby there is noticeable ridging, cobblestone appearance, poor angulation and spacing and also chunky grafts in the hairline.
So the next time you consider a hair transplant please make sure you understand all these implications and research thoroughly.

Hair Line Restoration

Some of the things we consider when constructing a hairline are…

  1. Face and age specificity
  2. Naturalness 
  3. Enhance symmetry 
  4. Long lasting
  5. Perfect texture and angulation of transplanted hair
  6. Perfect alignment relative to the existing hair
  7. No visible scarring even on shaving the transplanted zones
  8. Ability to sport and explore multiple styles and lengths

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The objective of this website is to provide sufficient information to the consumers that will help them decide on the best possible option for their hair loss and take a balanced view. We are in no way implying that we are the best.
There are some phenomenal surgeons practicing worldwide, whom I have had the privilege of training with and working under. I would like to believe that my team always give their best and our results are consistent with the best in the industry.

Dr. Raghu Reddy

FUE Hair Transplant Specialist

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